Murray Metals

Murray Metals is a leading supplier of metals throughout the world. Holding an extensive certified inventory, that includes steel plate, long products, engineering bar and aluminium.

Murray Metals services many industries and operates across a wide range of sectors.

The companies within Murray Metals are all independently successful with long-standing supplier relationships that guarantee access to the highest quality mills worldwide, both for product and for technical design support.


Companies within the Metals Group

Murray Steel Products

Murray Steel Products are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of steel plate & profiles and structural steel, with both the stock levels to respond quickly to ad hoc customer demand and the capability to manage long-term large-scale supply agreements.

In addition to the supply of raw materials, Murray Steel Products have an extensive in-house processing operation that includes state-of-the-art profiling, cutting and drilling machinery.


Hillfoot are one of the UK’s largest steel stockholders and supply materials to manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, oil & gas, mining, power generation, construction, defence and industrial engineering sectors.

Hillfoot have a history that dates back to 1923, and a well established reputation for technical expertise and quick reliable service to their customers.